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Frequently Asked Questions — Homeowners

What are FCUs?

FCU is the abbreviated name for Fan Coil Units. The FCUs provide heating and cooling to the apartment and are found in each bedroom and living room. The manufacturer advises that the units should be serviced annually. A service includes the changing of the filter media and a chemical clean of the fan coils.

What are Vent Axia Sentinel MVHR units?

These units are installed in every apartment inside the utility cupboard. The unit provides mechanical supply and extract ventilation to the apartment with heat recovery. The manufacturer recommends an annual service. The service includes replacing the 2 filters within the unit, inspection and cleaning of the heat exchanger and condensate drain.

What is an RCD / RCBP test?

An RCD, or residual current device is a life saving device which is designed to prevent you from receiving a potentially fatal electric shock. It is recommended that the test function is tested by a qualified electrician once per quarter.

What is a portable appliance test?

A Portable Appliance Test, commonly know as a PAT, is an electrical assessment of appliances that can be easily moved once unplugged, e.g. toaster, kettle, washing machine. The PAT confirms that the appliances are safe and are being used for their intended purpose.

What is a visual electrical inspection?

1.The properties’ fixed wiring is tested approximately every 5 years via an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). The visual electrical inspection is an annual inspection and conducted by a qualified electrician visually checking all sockets, switches and lights for any signs of damage, including the removal of one of each type for a closer inspection of the wiring.

Frequently Asked Questions — About Masterfix

Is Masterfix a Carbon Neutral business?

Yes, Masterfix is certified carbon neutral with Carbon Neutral Britain™. You can view our certification here, and our Carbon offset certification here.
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