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This is now our third update since the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions and we are delighted to confirm that Masterfix continues to deliver all of our usual maintenance and compliance services, and that the usual phone numbers, communications and 24/7 support remain in place, albeit still away from our offices.

With a great degree of optimism, our attention is turning to how we adapt to life after lockdown, how that might look and how we may assist you, not just by continuing to service your maintenance and compliance requirements, but also by way of providing other services that will keep you, your clients and staff safe and well.

We are currently making preliminary plans for partial but sustainable occupation of our offices taking into account both Government guidelines and the health of our officed-based staff – for instance, carefully considering their safe commute to work, welfare facilities when at work and on-going health monitoring.

We are also updating our Safe Systems of Work that will continue to take into account strict control measures for those directly affected by COVID-19 and those who are vulnerable but now to include everyone else, including our invaluable engineers and service partners.

Significant investment has already been made in PPE to enable us to work safely, costs that I can confirm have to date been borne by us.

We are anticipating that the use of PPE , adherence to social distancing measures, and additional welfare requirements, will all become the norm for what we envisage will be several months of the ‘new normal’. As a result of this we anticipate that PPE and other control measures will be unavoidable additional costs across all tasks but we will update you on this as soon as further Government Directives are provided

Looking forward and as our attention turns to the “new normal” that lies ahead, here are just a few of the services that may be of interest to you….

  • Supply of automatic hand sanitiser stations and other PPE equipment/items
  • Social distancing demarcation measures
  • Alterations to office layouts in support of social distancing, including space planning
  • Application of anti-bacterial and hygiene coatings to offices, key common parts and workplaces
  • Property health-checks, particularly in premises that have sat empty and idle since lockdown – your lights, your plumbing and even the contents of your fridge!
  • Compliance testing – for all services, Buildings, Gas, Electrical & Water
  • Electrical Testing to comply with the “Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020”
  • Virtual Surveys, such as common parts video inspections, insurance surveys, and general estimate enquiries.

For further information on the above, please do not hesitate to contact Matt or Chris directly:

With our sincere thanks for your on-going support.