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A customer’s story:

No one ever wants to have water damage to their home. So, when receiving a phone call from my friend whilst I was on holiday in December with the news that our home had a burst pipe and was in quite a mess was pretty devastating.

My initial phone call to Admiral Group Plc whilst in the US to report the damage instantly put me at ease when they informed me, they would begin the process.

I had heard many stories from people who had work conducted by insurance companies and the work done was not of a high standard and had lots of problems with the work.

To say I was nervous was an understatement!

I first met with Paul from Masterfix at the end of March. He walked through the house and inspected what had to be done. I explained how emotional this was for me and it was important to me that things were done to a high standard.

He instantly put me at ease and reassured me that his team would do things professionally and to a standard that I would be happy with.

There were several meetings before the work commenced and I was given a schedule of works and choices of materials.

I was kept well informed all the way through the process with my thoughts, ideas and wishes given consideration at every opportunity.

All the work force at Masterfix were courteous, hardworking, and clean and tidy.

My neighbours commented on how hard they worked and how tidy they left the outdoor area at the end of the day.

I was invited to the house on numerous occasions for updates and to show me concerns and the odd problem they came across that were solved easily and to my satisfaction.

Billy, the foreman on the site was very professional and made sure I was satisfied with all the works.

There were also several meetings with Ben from Admiral who would also contact me and have a walk round to inspect the works. Paul from Masterfix would always attend these meetings and take time to explain what was going on and still had to be done.

All the workman concerned worked to a high standard and we were both delighted with the standard of work done. We were delighted also when the work was completed before the agreed date.

There was a snagging list, and this is currently being conducted with no questions asked.

I could not recommend Masterfix highly enough. Everyone was very professional, sympathetic to my concerns and difficulties I had watching the house being ripped out. They were clean, tidy, and worked hard.

Paul in particular was easy to work with. Always answered phone calls and emails right away and kept us well informed and gave us confidence in the work being conducted. I felt it very much a ‘team’ approach.

I should also say I am delighted with Admiral as an insurance company who have fully supported the whole claim and I would highly recommend to others to use as an insurance provider.

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